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  • 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (2xCD)
    1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (2xCD)
    by Swimming Pool Q's
  • 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (3xCD+DVD)
    1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (3xCD+DVD)
    by Swimming Pool Q's
  • System of Love
    System of Love
    Cipher Bureau

    System of Love EP by The Swimming Pool Q's- MP3 Album

Can't Find It?

We have some really exciting news! The current December/January Best Of 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine has chosen The Swimming Pool Q’s The A&M Years 1984-1986 as one of 10 Best Reissues of The Year.

Fricke writes: "...Lou Reed's favorite Dixie New Wavers got their due...Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the Q's were literate and buoyant, a Dixie-noir blend of the B-52's, Sixties folk rock and the Velvet Underground circa Loaded. Lou Reed liked the Q's' first A&M LP so much he took them on tour. Never doubt his word." 

Thank you, David!

If you'd like to pick a copy up, the cover features Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy (Issue 1198/1199), and it is out on the newsstand shelves now!


Following on the runaway success of the Kickstarter-funded double-CD reissue The A&M Years, The Swimming Pool Q’s release The System of Love EP, the first new Q’s material since 2003’s critically acclaimed Royal Academy of Reality.  In addition to new singles "System of Love", "Science Moon", and "Easy Prey", the EP also contains an exclusive – a live New Year's Eve 1987 recording of “Wreck Around." Each of the singles is available for individual purchase, and the live track is exclusive to the EP.

Didn't get in on the Q's Kickstarter campaign? Well, here's your opportunity to purchase our Double CD Reissue! Available NOW to our fans! Here are the links to pre-order the Swimming Pool Q's reissue "The A&M Years: 1984-1986" on There will be TWO separate links--one for the standard reissue (2 disc set) and one for the deluxe version (extra cd of rarities and a DVD). The links will also be broken down for easy access in the comments section below. 

Standard 2 disc reissue:
Deluxe 3 disc and 1 DVD reissue: