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  • 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (2xCD)
    1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (2xCD)
    by Swimming Pool Q's
  • 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (3xCD+DVD)
    1984 - 1986: The A & M Years (3xCD+DVD)
    by Swimming Pool Q's
  • System of Love
    System of Love
    Cipher Bureau

    System of Love EP by The Swimming Pool Q's- MP3 Album

Can't Find It?

Produced by The Swimming Pool Q's
Engineer and additional production: Greg Quesnel
Additional engineering: Tag George
Assistant engineers: Students of Georgia State University
Recorded at Studio One, Doraville, Ga, January-April 1987
Executive Producer: Danny Beard

The Q's:
Bill Burton- drums, drum machine on HIP-HYPE
Jeff Calder- guitar, blowharp, bullhorn
Bob Elsey- lead guitar, keys
J.E. Garnett- bass, pipes of pie pan on NUT PLANT

All songs written by The Q's
Anne Richmond Boston plays pedal steel on NUT PLANT

Side Two assemblage by:  Ron Christopher, Master Sound, Atlanta
Cover: Anne Richmond Boston

(Music: The Q's/Lyrics: Calder)

Lying in bed last Sunday night
I couldn't sleep
Turned on the television
Pushed up the window
That's when things got deep
In jumped a man with a big black robe
Official hat on his head
He said,"Son I'm this week's chief of police
And your rights have just been read."
I said, "I see your point,
But that outfit is somewhat odd."
He said, "Knock off the sass,
I just picked-up your ass, I'm with the
Firing Squad for God."

Down at the precinct four behind a padlocked door
I had a crazy notion to holler:
"So you're the head of police, sir,
Who looks like a preacher
And might this be a clerical collar?"
On the cellblock wall, the T.V.'s all
Were tuned to the very same station
In the cathode rays a charismatic gaze
Began my interrogation
It was the Firing Squad for God

He said, "Listen up, Boy, I'm calling the shots
For You-Know-Who upstairs.
You been breaking every rule
And thinking like a fool
That He and I ain't awares.
I got eighty-five channels of endless talk
It's just enough to make you squawk
I got eighty-five channels of endless stuff
and eighty-five channels ain't nearly Enough!"



He was heeding the call, so I jumped through the wall
That was nothing but a cheap facade
And I found myself on the Hollywood set
Of The Firing Squad for God
They needed someone who was good for hatin'
They cast me in the part of a small-time Satan
The Chief don't like me, but he likes the ratings
If Neewsweek calls, say I'm in a meeting!
Same time, same place every week
The latest episode
Fifty million strong can't be wrong
The Firing Squad for God